Year 2013

preWGC2013 and Finnish Gliding Nationals, Räyskälä 8.-15.6.2013

15 m & 20 m combined, Standard and Club Class Trophy

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18m ja kerholuokan SM-kilpailut, Teisko 22.-29.6.2013

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Jannen Kisat 6.-13.7.2013, Räyskälä

Perinteiset Jannen Kisat Räyskälässä käytiin vaihtelevassa säässä. Loppujen lopuksi kisassa saatiin mukavasti viisi kisapäivää.

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JWG2013 28.7.-10.08.2013, Leszno, Poland

On my last trip I went to Poland. First to WGC2013 Ostrow and to Leszno from there. I spent nice three weeks working in JWGC13 organization in Leszno. My job there was to take pictures, write my blog and keep on eye of the website and keep it working during the competition. My blog - the story - became longer than I expected, as I didn't want to just write about how the tasks and weather was. So I ended up spending much more time with the competitors than organization, which was great as I got to know JWGC teams better than during past few years.

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