Sunday 14th August 2011 – eighth competition day – wishes and sun

Wishes for the day has been as simple as having normal gliding weather. I mean it would be great to wake up having blue sky and normal cumulus, instead of gridding under the gray sky (or in the fog).

Today was like that – almost. We were able to have “normal” schedule (briefing at 10:30, launches at 12:00), obviously it has been something else than normal on previous day, as Hannah couldn’t remember what “normal timing” meant. Launches started as planned, there was a short gap between Club and Standard class when Standard class task was changed from normal Racing task to 2h AAT task (same waypoints anyway). 

In the weather briefing Bernd said that there is a possibility that weather will overdevelop and we might have showers and even thunder. In the afternoon the horizon looked blackish and that meant one thing only: really heavy rain fell down. Four pilots managed to finish the task, only one in Club class and three in Standard class. That was valid competition day for Club class, but not for Standard class. Scoring team told me that we needed 11 pilots who would fly more than 100 km, but now only 8 managed to do that. So even they fought in the air, some longer than others, it was only for practice. Many pilots who landed back to Musbach (some gliders came back with retrieval towing) were surprised how slippery grass can be in the rain (or after heavy rain). Glider won’t stop as easily as it does on dry grass.

In the evening we were hanging out in the hangar and UK team crew member had his moment with Lady in Red on the podium. He was playing his music and making some preparations for Wednesday.

Somehow I can’t realize we have been here more than a week, actually it feels longer than that. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been away from home two and half weeks now. Things are going fine, but there are hints in the air that we have been here too long, so let’s see how our heads (and hearts and minds) are in the end of next week.

Are we able to get back in normal life? Now it feels possible, but I feel like this group of people and the place is holding me tighter and tighter. Anyway I miss home – especially that certain someone.

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