Monday 15th August – ninth competition day – official resting day

New morning, same gray weather. Daily prizes were given to Tim Kuijpers (Netherlands), he was one of the few pilots who managed to finish the task yesterday. Martin Jurovic (Slovakia) received a prize as well. It wasn’t valid day for their class, but prize was given to him for finishing the task. I think that was fair thing to do (giving the prize I mean). Both of them got loud applauses which started when they stood up, got their prizes and cheering lasted until they went back to their seats. Because of that, the atmosphere was really great in the hangar. Even yesterday was really tricky (=difficult) day.

Bernd showed the satellite photo in met briefing, the edge of the front was “just” 124 km from us. It was too far away and we weren’t going to wait for it to arrive here. The day was cancelled in the briefing at 12:00 and it was announced as official resting day. Hopefully following days will be flying days. 

At 19:00 we had international evening party. Several tables full of food and drinks were set in the briefing hangar. I tried cucumber sandwiches with Scottish whiskey followed by scones, Austrian “pasta” dish with Hungarian wine, Italian pasta with Slovenian wine, Lithuanian bread with their vodka, Salmiakkivodka from Finland, USA fajitas (didn’t know that those would be American) and did one smore, had other vodkas (Finland, Slovakia) some other wines (Slovenia, Hungary, Italy) mixed with other drinks (orange bitter from Netherlands). I’m glad that the portions were fairly small…

My stomach was full of food and drinks, and I felt like a ball. But as the food and drinks was there available, of course I had to taste almost everything. We found similarities on Finnish and Polish food cultures. Except that I don’t know if I want to admit that we would have something similar as their bread with pig fat on top of it, but the pickled cucumber (or gherkin) was the same as we have.

There was some t-shirt swapping again, and new couples were born. Let’s see how long those will last…

Today Andy (Australia) was thrown in Swiss Team “pool” as a result of a water war. He didn’t go there easily and of course he wanted to take in some audience as well. In the evening Brandon (Australia again) was thrown in the same pool as it was his 18th birthday – in Australian time zone.

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