Tuesday 16th August 2011 – 10th competition day – birthday and tricky weather

Today, after the briefing, we saw a presentation of Leszno (Poland) which will be hosting the next JWGC in 2013. And after that it was time for Brandon to go in the pool again, since it was his birthday in German time zone. Brandon went there much easier than Andy did.

Launches were postponed until 13:00, both classes flew racing tasks. It was pretty warm day, with some high clouds and cumulus as well. But the weather wasn’t good enough so it was yet another tricky day and you could call it as ”let’s fly and outland” –day. Only one pilot managed to finish the task and that was *surprise surprise* Felipe Levin from Germany. Actually four other pilots finished the task, but they crossed finish ring too low and got only distance points. All from Club class landed out. Many of the outlanders ended up on Winzeln airfield and came back with retrieval towing. That seems to be easiest (and pretty cheap) way to get back to Musbach. 

I could sense how some people were really frustrated (=angry) when they filled outlanding reports. It was quite busy day in the competition office as well. (Well done Hannah!)

Because most of the people were out on fields, Brandon’s birthday party (or Australian night) was quite peaceful party. And I heard that party ended quite early – next morning I mean.

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