Wednesday 17th August – 11th competition day – nice cumulus

The day was what we have waited for past two weeks: beautiful blue sky with few cumulus clouds. This was a hot day and I kept thinking wheter this will be my last summer day before the winter, since I don’t believe weather will be this hot in Finland when I go back home.

Towings started at 12:15 followed by few relights. Only 12 outlanded and average speeds were much better than on previous days, you could even say that those were normal average speeds. Łukasz (Poland) was first one to finish and he also was the daily winner. We were laughing with him that he was the winner just because I was saying “bye bye” to him when he started, so it was good luck ;-) Or it was just his day.

I went to the end of the airfield hoping that I could get some finishing pictures. Aaah…of course those aren’t finishing pictures as we are using finish ring which is four kilometers from the airfield. So let me rephrase that: I went to the end of the airfield hoping that I could get some landing pictures. Result was 510 photos, and couple of those are quite good, twenty are normal and rest of them just unusable. I got really nice suntan, I mean if you like having right side of the body darker and left lighter. And also there must be few fat horseflies after all that meat they ate from my legs.

In the evening we had “bring your own barbecue”-party in front of the briefing hangar. Tables were out from the hangar, there were few fireplaces and lots of food. This was the idea of British guys, Ali and Ben. I think it was perfect idea, as people are anyway going to eat in the evening, so why not do it together. The evening was perfect for this, weather was warm and people were happy after good flying day. After eating it was time for Sing Star contest. I don’t know who won, if anyone. We heard some absolute classics such as Lady in Red and Britney Spears and Ronan Keating by UK boys and some heavy song performed by German girls. Hmmm…perhaps UK boys are just softies ;-) 

The moon was full few days ago, which ruined our possibilities to follow the Perseids meteor shower. I walked home (too) late (and alone), and moon was still so bright that I could see roads just perfectly. No shooting stars – no wishes – what a shame.

Someone (no names mentioned :-) asked me after reading my blog if I am really homesick. Well, I don’t actually know if am I or not, as it comes and goes. But to be honest with you, I have to keep in mind that eventually I have to leave. So more I keep my home in my mind, easier it is to go there.

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