Sunday 7th August 2011 – first official competition day

Sunshine didn’t wake me up this morning, and again it was a gray morning. My clothes and shoes – which I had on yesterday – are still wet.

Brian was kind enough to pick me up from the house. Bernd told me that even the sky looks depressing at the moment, the day isn’t over yet and that there is a small chance for flying in the afternoon. But actually until now, Bernd has always been talking about humid or moist air, but this was first time I heard him using term “wet”. It’s really wet and I miss my rubber boots.

I’ve received an email where I was told by somebody that my grammar (and vocabulary) isn’t very good and it’s something which could be called as “Germlish”, a mixture of German and English. That’s fine, but actually I would call it “Finglish”, since I’m Finnish. So don’t use this blog for teaching English to anybody. And if you didn’t know it yet, I can’t understand German. So all comments you are writing to me in German, are translated by Axel, Christof, or Bernd.

The briefing was at 13:00. At that point day for Standard class was cancelled, and Club class would get a task at 14:00 in the grid. Towings were supposed to start at 15:15. Then towings were postponed to 15:45. Christof told me that they have to make a decision at 16:00 if they will start the towings – or not, as after that there won’t be enough time for flying the task. At 15:45 clouds were still low and it didn’t look like the weather would improve enough, so finally the day for Club class was cancelled as well. For me that meant a day with doing laundry, taking a nap, washing dishes and taking out the garbage.

In the evening the weather was still bad, but Bernd was very optimistic and he said that he can see a lot of sunshine on coming days. Hopefully that is based on the weather charts and not on some kind of magic. (Bernd has said that predicting the weather more than 48 hours in advance is pure voodoo magic ;-)

After having Chinese in Freudenstadt with Brian and Wojciech, we came back to the airfield. I found Axel from the container doing some cleaning. There was also a good pile of tracking devices. Those are really exciting, but I will tell more about them tomorrow (or whenever is the next flying day).

Then we had few beer (or G&T) in the hangar and I had nice time with Csaba and Milán from Hungary who were thinking how to succeed in aviation business. Also I saw a table football match, it seemed that Tim (and his team from Netherlands) was doing really well, but in some point they were beaten by the French guys. Finnish team tried to teach some important Finnish words to Swiss brothers, words like k*rpä (if you understand Finnish I think you know what I am talking about, but I won’t write that word here).

I can feel certain atmosphere here, since every day someone asks me things like “how old is she/he” or “were does she/he come from” or “is she/he married” etc. Hmm…come on guys…if you have any intentions, I would suggest that you try to put those into action now, instead of waiting for too long ;-)

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