25.7.2013 Thursday – training week continues

This was first morning when we didn’t wake up with clear blue sky. Yesterday evening we sat with bunch of people in our new hangar bar and watched how southern sky was dark, it looked like old Cumulonimbus had exploded and spread out on the sky. German team was quite sure that this wouldn’t be a flying day.

There were almost right. Our met man saw that there should be a window for flying during the day. Wojtek told me it might be that we start late and finish early. As it looked so difficult, it became “no task today” day. Free flying was possible, and all rules and penalty points would apply still. It became really hot day, and some went flying. Some were rather enjoying in their pools.

In the evening I found people doing dinner, Swiss are eating spaghetti bolognese, South Africa is eating chicken and vegetables. British are having barbecue, and that’s where I am going as well.

We had an idea that we need a place where to invite people for a barbecue or playing volleyball, the underground site like we had in JWG09 and JWGC11. This time it will be closed group in facebook. So pilots, team captains and crew: if you are not yet in the group, just ask me or someone else to add you in there. There are already members from USA, Lithuania, Switzerland, UK, Germany and Poland. Teams: join the group and feel free to use it!

After having a great grilled meal, we went to have a beer (or few) in the hangar bar. The evening ended quite late, and we felt ourselves “sparkling intelligent” and couldn’t go to sleep as we had so many good ideas about life and everything.

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