Sunday 6.12.2015 – Succesful flying day

Today is Finland’s Independence Day. On 5th December we always have aero club’s Christmas party, because next day will be a day off. I have to admit that it’s a bit difficult to be here when l know that my friends are starting to have their party when I wake up. And I heard today that for some reason quite many of the teams didn’t hear that there was a party at the Imperial. How that can be, they said it in the briefing?!

They (task setters, comp. directors and weather lady) knew already yesterday that weather today will be mostly blue, and thermals will be up to 3000-4000 meters, that’s high. They reminded in the briefing that it’s important to use oxygen and to drink water. They also knew that launches has to start early, so briefing was 10:00 as normal, but launches were supposed to start at 11:30. Tasks were quite long, 611 km for Standard class and 450 km for Club class. Towings started after 15 min postponing and first landings were after 17:00. While we waited, I went to do my laundry and had a nap. The day was really warm and I start to understand Spain and Italy and other countries which have “siesta” during the hottest time of the day, as the heat makes you tired.

High average speeds

After the landings I went to walk around the tie down area. It was clear what would be the “topic of the moment”, and that was really successful flying day. All pilots who I talked with, seemed to be really pleased with the day and flying conditions. Roger told me that actually there was clouds at the task area.  It’s always a surprise since it seems like Narromine is located such area that sky is blue always in here, so that’s why I am writing that it was a blue day.

Anyway, back to the pilots. As you know, they have all sort of instruments in the cockpit, so they will know for example what their average speed has been. I heard Matt telling that his speed had been more than 150 km/h. We were all amazed “what, did you say 150” and then someone knew that even in Club class the speeds had gone up to 130 km/h. I haven’t heard of that kind of speeds in Club class, perhaps ever. But I have to admit that I don’t follow all competitions. Speeds were the topic of the evening, and I don’t wonder at all why. It might have been a record day in Junior World Gliding Championships for speeds and perhaps altitude. But not in distance, as we had in JWGC2009 longer tasks on Day 1, Club class flew 531 km and Standard Class 623 km.

Evening ended at RSL club, which was full of local people sitting on long tables. We sat with Pete and Wojtek, but after Sandra and her husband Dieter had left, Rob and Max sat with us. We had great laugh. I need a rest, as working in this hot climate is quite overwhelming. I wake up at seven every day and work almost 12 hours. Even the work isn’t that hard, I mean I am not shoveling sand or building houses outside, still I think the hot weather makes you tired.

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