Wednesday 9.12.2015 – Short tasks

The morning was very humid and thick high cloud on the sky. I saw the weather forecast on TV and would have never believed that the day would end up being so beautiful. First the sky cleared up and then cumulus started popping.

Task setters & co. wanted to wait and see how the weather will develop, so briefing was delayed until 10.45. Jenny told that the clouds will overdevelop and there will be some isolated thunders in the evening. Even the safety minute was about landing in a thunderstorm. Because of the expected weather conditions, tasks were AAT’s 2,5 h for Club class which was launched first and 2 h for Standard class as they started last. Everybody knew that it would be important to start as early as possible.

On a day like this, there’s not much time to do anything special during the day. I had just time to send postcards home – finally.

Pilots started arriving back to Narromine around 16.00, but there was no thunders in sight at Narromine. Surprising news were that lifts weren’t that good today. Like Paul said, it looked like all lifts would be 8 kts. But pilots said those had been only 2 kts or so. One thunderstorm reached Narromine around dinner time, but it was as quickly over as it started. We didn’t have to wet our feet when we went to the RSL club, I had dinner with Rob, Max and Wojtek. From there our path went to Imperial where was a big table of “our people” sitting and having fun. From there we continued to Courthouse balcony and talked about Australian humour among all other things. It was a warm evening with some distant lightning on the horizon.

Do you know Ritz? She came today, you can follow her blog at Also “family Levin” parents arrived here, it’s great to see familiar faces.

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