Saturday 21.11.2015

I went to veranda to see how the weather was in the morning. Surprise was that I felt like putting long pants on and needed light jacket as well. It was really windy day from the morning until the afternoon.

Briefing was at ten in the auditorium, RASP showed that the flying day will be short. Otherwise my day was similar to yesterday, I updated competition facebook, did some of my own things and sat in the same corner of the room. In the evening Wojtek arrived, as well Charlie and Mike and some other people whose names I don’t remember.

We ate T-bone steaks, feta cheese salad, risotto and there would have been sausages and bread rolls as well, but I was very happy after the T-bone steak. Only thing which was missing was garlic butter. We both realized with (Danish) Simon that in our food cultures we have more sauces with food than here.

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