Thursday 7th June 2013

preWGC2013 and Finnish Gliding Nationals, Räyskälä 8.-15.6.2013

I am glad to start this story with my favorite term: it’s that time again. It means that it is time to be a part of a gliding competition organization. “Surprisingly” I am working as a webmaster ;-) Also I will be updating (facebook/twitter) news stream and taking some photos. I am ready for that and I love it. Thank you for having me here, Heikki.

My spring has been somewhat exceptional compared to past few years. I’ve spent at least a day or few in Pribina Cup, Nitra and Vesis Open (Vesivehmaa/EFLA) during past few years. This year I didn’t even visit those.

This year I went alpine skiing instead during Pribina Cup. It was a nice change. Because of the lousy weather conditions it wasn’t that much of a loss. Vesis Open had only 2 competition days and Pribina Cup was cancelled after few cold, snowy and rainy days. I understood that they cancelled it after they saw weather would continue the same until the end of the week. Also I heard that swan couple was swimming on the airfield. That was swimming, not just landing.

At this point I can only talk about weather. The weather has been really exceptional in Finland this spring. We had snow in April and the lake Vääriä (sauna lake) was covered with ice just 6 weeks ago.

If I remember it right, usually we have to wait until July to be able to go swim in the lake, I mean to be able to go there without sauna. Now it is easy. Honestly I remember several gliding competitions in June when it was +7 C on a warm day. Now it’s more like +27 C. I don’t complain.

Hmm…see you tomorrow when the competition office opens its doors. I am hoping for more warm days.

Unfortunately the story of this competition doesn’t continue from here,  I’ve lost the text or I never wrote more.

Hopefully you enjoy the pictures anyway :-)

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