Tuesday 24.5.2011 – windy day

We had the briefing at 10:00 and Visa-Matti gave two tasks, A with 100 km and B with 176 km distances. Towings were postponed only for 5 minutes till 12:05, and we towed only first two planes. Wind was already quite strong in that point and either of the pilots didn’t stay up. Radio Suomi visited us, so I believe they got some radio conversation on tape. Before the towings we had some fun with Keni and camera, he started posing for me and playing “master crew” with the radio. Notice his windbreaker outfit on the pictures.

Visa-Matti cancelled the task after we saw that pilots were coming back. It was anyway great to follow from Melissa’s iPhone how high the pilots were. So before pilots told us the altitude on the radio, we knew it already.

We had a walk to “Nummela city” with Melissa in the afternoon, we bought some important articles like whiskey, pretzels, toothbrush, decaffeinated tea and toothpaste. We walked back as well, after climbing up the hill through the forest we felt that we had earned beers… The evening went cozy in the Air Hotel, having wine and dinner.

We have to have a competition day tomorrow, as we need three competition days to have a valid competition. To make a valid day, only one pilot has to finish the task, and that’s enough. Let’s see what happens.

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