Wednesday 25.5.2011 – another cancelled day

We started following today’s weather already yesterday evening. We knew that there will be a narrow band of rain showers in the morning and weather should get better around 14:00. So we had the briefing at 11:00, and towings should have started at 14:00. We had two tasks, A with 144 and B 100 km distance. And today we had a third tow plane to help us (Pawnee from Räyskälä), so towings would last less than one hour and start for the task would be earliest the possible, as the tows would be quite late. Launches were postponed until 16:00. After nine gliders had been towed, most of them had to land back. That meant that we would have to tow them again and that would have meant really late start. Even the task was only 100 km, Visa-Matti realized that there isn’t enough time to do that. So he cancelled the day.

This is getting pretty exciting, as we need three valid races to get a valid competition. Weather on Friday and Saturday looks so bad that we will have to try having two races on Thursday. That will be the same time something unique, since that hasn’t happened in the history of Grand Prix, they always have had only one race per day. Finland is really good place having two races per day, since on good day thermals start to develop early and day continues late. So let’s hope we will manage to do history.

In the evening we had small barbeque party at the club house, just few beers, sausages etc. Everybody went to bed early, since the briefing will be at 9:00 on Thursday morning.

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