1.7.2014 – Tuesday, cancelled day

There isn’t much to say. The weather is awful.

Anyway we have to try, as there was good weather west of us. The cloudbase was about 1,5 km there, with some cumulus clouds under a high cloud, which would be quite good for us, I mean it would be better than rain.

Somehow the word “weather window” has been said quite often this year, first at Pribina Cup Nitra, then Vesis Open in May, at Finnish Gliding Nationals and now here. How can this be like this? So you do know the story, you wait and wait and wait for the weather window to come, and either it comes or it comes when it’s too late…or like today’s situation, it didn’t come. The day was cancelled after 13 o’clock.

Still it was a quite good day for gliding in general, as YLE Häme spent quite a lot of time here, from early morning until late lunch time. Hopefully they got good material, anyway they told us that the material will be used in several places. Let’s see.

I didn’t manage to leave from the office container earlier than normal office hour, which is pretty weird since the day was cancelled.

Our steward Patrick and field marshal Wille share the same birthday, 1st July. We had Patrick’s birthday cocktails at Hangar bar and then I had roasted salmon at barbecue with new potatoes and salad with Jari and Kimmo. Good Finnish summer food :-)

It seems that the nature is reacting on this weather: there are mushrooms already in the forest, but strawberries are not ripe yet. There is a strawberry field close to the airfield and I was hoping that all these international people would have a chance to taste Finnish strawberries. I am hoping that because someone didn’t believe that it would be possible to grow strawberries outside in Finland, he thought it would be possible in green house, but not outside. It is possible, and as they are growing quite slowly, the taste is really sweet.

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