2.7.2014 – Wednesday, cold and windy cancelled day

This morning when I left from my caravan, it was so dark that you could see the driving lights. Driving lights are mandatory in Finland even during the day. During a bright day you don’t really see them that well. I took an umbrella and sunglasses with me, as it looked like I would need both of them at some point, and you never know when you have enough time to go to the caravan again.

Before towings I spent time in the container updating the facebook and this blog. Container was nice and warm, windy and rainy weather outside didn’t really invite me to go there. Deputy director Kaj saw from Pirkkala webcamera that the weather there was looking super good. We are at wrong airfield as usual when the weather is bad.

Towings were postponed repeatedly, Heikki and Janne (this week’s meteorologist) followed the rain showers from the big screen and hoped for the weather window again. I understood that someone asked from Heikki (with smile on his face) why we do have a grid today at all, because all the forecasts are telling that weather is…well exactly what it was outside. Someone asked me that same question when I went to the grid.

You might have heard me telling about Axel, the JWGC11 competition director in Musbach, and that I thought Axel was using “happy pills” as he always saw nice weather coming, which never came. I think that those “happy pills” are here now, and Heikki and met-man are using them as well. Or perhaps those pills come with the package which FAI sends to the organizer, or perhaps there is some manual “how to stay positive when weather is a disaster”. Notice: I am joking if you didn’t get it already :-)

I went to the grid despite of the weather, and found out that people had either escaped of the bad weather to café or were sitting in their cars. I had a walk around the grid and then we had a talk with – almost frozen – stewards before I saw competition directors and met-man with their heads together. After that only thing I could hear was…”ok, that’s a decision, you make the announcement”. Then Heikki said to the radio “Day cancelled for all classes, sauna recommended for anti-freeze”. I think that was great as Heikki was able to use some (local) humor at bad situation.

In the evening there was “Live Wednesday” in the Hangar. Teemu and Kimmo put my pictures on the screen and I had a wine with nice company. Since I had food in my fridge, I decided to leave and have a barbecue with my (Finnish) friends. seems to be too late to visit some of the teams barbecue, how sad is that.

To be honest with you, I forgot all about the “Live Wednesday” after eating. Reason for that is that Heikki found positive news from YLE pages of our competition (and my name and comment mentioned :-D ). I had to go to my caravan to share it to you, I couldn’t do it with my iPhone. When I was getting some drinking water from sauna, I saw Silva, our Jury Member who came with a smile on his face and told me that they’ve danced all possible Latin American dances and it had been great. I love to dance and at this point I realized I lost a possibility to enjoy dancing and that I had a normal barbecue instead. How sad is that. I can have a barbecue on following weeks as many times as I want, but don’t have that many possibilities to dance. How stupid of me.

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