26.6.2014 – Thursday, good weather

Hmm…it seems that I forgot that being in the organization at your home field is totally different thing than being somewhere else as a “guest webmaster”. Because here people know me for who I am and what I can do and what I know, my time has gone taking care of so many things that my time has gone doing some other things as well than only updating the website, taking photos and writing my blog. My blog has suffered the most, which I think is a real shame. I just don’t know where I could steal the time, since I have to sleep and eat as well.

The weather on Thursday looked better than on Wednesday, meteorologist and Heikki were concerned that clouds would overdevelop and that there would be too much rain showers at task area. We didn’t get that much rain as we expected, so tasks were almost too easy for today. But it is great to have a nice competition day to (almost) all, it’s good to continue from here.

We got outlanding map set for us today, but there wasn’t much use for it as there was only two outlandings. System is really good, and busy competition office girls were happy to use it since it’s so simple. From webmaster’s point of view the system is also really good, there are several possibilities to implement the info of outlandings on the website. So thank you Wojtek for that!

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