30.6.2014 – Monday, foggy day and pizza

No grid, briefing at 10, so the situation was quite clear. This wouldn’t be a flying day. I sent SMS to Kimmo and Jari if they would like to see something else than Räyskälä today. Jari was going home, but Kimmo had same thoughts as I did. We asked Riku and Satu to come with us, and we decided to go to Forssa and have a pizza and do some grocery shopping.

It was too early for pizza right after the briefing. Riku had to go “downstairs”, as we call the maintenance garage at motel basement, Riku was helping to repair ES, Matthew Gage’s glider after his “belly landing”.

Since it’s good to wash your car at least twice a year, I took my car downstairs as well and vacuumed it thoroughly from inside, now it only needs wash on the outside. It’s weird that the constant rain doesn’t wash it for me.

Gerrard “G” Dale was downstairs as well and we had a good laugh as he was painting some part with black primer and waiting for the paint to dry. What can you do when it’s not a flying day? Watch paint to dry?

Pizza at Martina was perfect, but the trip to Forssa took surprisingly long time and it was almost time for sauna and barbecue when we came back. My stomach was still full, but had a small piece of that nice pizza which I saved just to have it in the evening.

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