4.7.2014 – Friday, nice weather, my mom visited

I woke up at 6:15 and had a look of the weather forecasts from the internet as usual (while lying in bed), also I looked out from the window – which we “iDevice” users sometimes forget to do. Weather looked gray outside, but all forecasts were saying that this would be a nice day. I tried to have a short nap before I had to get up, as I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier every morning (night), even I don’t consider myself more stressed than I should at this point. Perhaps I’ve waited for someone (competition directors) asking me to do something more, as even my days were full, still I was asking in my mind should I do something more or should I change my way to work. But hey, worker won’t ask that from the boss, even the boss is your friend. I know that I might have learned some not-common ways to work, since I have my own company and I am my own boss. For example; I don’t want to build a cubical where to work during my free time, table and chair and some space on my left and right is enough.

In the morning we noticed that one of the gliding competition traditions had happened. The FAI flag was stolen during the night. Before that the organization was almost 100% sure that this would be first competition where the flag wouldn’t be stolen. I told them that they have to either take the flag down every evening, or it will be stolen. Others thought that they would be cleverer than the “Flag Stealers”. The flag was attached up with certain ring which is used in HVAC-installations, and the pole was coated with clear Vaseline, and one of the bolts was welded so the flagpole can’t be taken down. This was a good plan, but the welding wasn’t strong enough. The flag stealers didn’t remember that according to Annex Z, stealing the FAI flag is allowed only 24 hours prior the prize giving ceremony.

My mom came to see me and the towings, I was proud to introduce her to as many people as possible. My mom started gliding at Räyskälä before I was born, but she and my dad didn’t have time for flying before 1987 when they decided to come here again. It was anyway great when Mr. Widmer – who was flying here in 1976 – asked if my mom was here then. Nope, no she wasn’t, as she was busy taking care of me and working and studying :-)

Should have, would have…

I climbed on roof of the fire truck before the towings started and got some photos of the grid from the different angle. This was great, but at some point of the competition I should have climbed on a tow plane parked in front of the grid. As my “should have”-statements are coming, we should have taken the photo of us all, I mean organization, crew and pilots. That could have been taken either from the fire truck or the tower, or the crane they used to fix the wi-fi antennas.

The weather appeared to be good and the task setting quite successful since there wasn’t any outlandings. And I almost forgot: I got a ride with Kimmo on Wille’s ATV. We should have done that earlier, it was just great to have a ride to the lake Särkijärvi and back. It was a feeling of a freedom for 10 minutes, like there wouldn’t be any competition (website) to take care of.

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