Back at Musbach! It’s great to be back here.

The year has gone really fast, last year we had the PreJuniors here and now it is time to do “real stuff”.

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th July 2011

People started to arrive here today. Even training flights are still forbidden, several pilots are here already. I think it is because there were European championships in Nitra, which ended just last Friday and several people from there are coming here as well. I guess some of the teams are driving straight to Germany, instead of going several hundreds of kilometers first home and back just after couple of days. I also spent good 12 hours in a car from Nitra to Musbach with our task setter Christof.

Sunday morning I had a walk to the airfield and found Lithuanian team sitting under blankets and having breakfast in the brisk morning weather. Just few days ago I saw Greta and Marius enjoying a dinner in beautiful sunshine in Nitra (somehow I end up meeting them always when they are eating).

This day was time to learn the tracking, setting up the computers (thank you Benjamin) and picking up Hannah from Strasbourg. Still it is a surprise that we are ahead of the schedule. Of course things for the competitions are done during the last days before the competition actually starts, but still it looks like we are ready sooner than we thought: campground is ready, competition website is changing to “competition mode”, club house has a new nice design, furniture and surround-system – and after the last year’s safety flash the shower container is getting new design as well.

The weather has been really cold on Sunday, I don’t know the temperature, but I had my scarf, gloves, fleece and jacket on, and still it wasn’t too warm. We looked in the morning with Greta that somehow the sky looks too similar as last year. Sun started to shine in the afternoon, and Berndt has been promising good weather for the coming days. Only problem is that the forecast is changing few times a day…

Let’s see what weather will bring tomorrow, my job continues: editing competition website, setting up Wlan and LAN, and setting up the container when it arrives.

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